About Us

Lifesmiles is a patient’s welfare volunteer organization started working for the welfare of poor patients, especially Hepatitis C patients, in March 2015 and registered in Pakistan under the trust act 1982. In Pakistan approximately 20 million people are infected with HCV while there is an annual increase of 250,000 patients and about 500,000 HCV patients died every year and 400 died every day. The main purpose of the trust is to bring awareness of the prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C in Pakistan, and to provide basic information to the public about the prevention of the spread of hepatitis C and its treatment. We also provide free medicine and free treatment of Hepatitis C to the infected people.


Our vision is to help people to get basic health facilities at their doorsteps, and specifically eliminate hepatitis C from our country by facilitating infected people in all means to improve their quality of life.


The mission of lifesmiles is to prevent and manage hepatitis C among the people and their families in Pakistan by a uniform and fair approach. We promote awareness of hepatitis C through free medial camps and awareness campaigns, by educating people about the risk factors and the necessity of protecting our livers with treatment of the virus if needed.