Things We Do

Hepatitis Awareness Programs

The Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is often a silent killer. It can cause both acute and chronic liver disease.

Lifesmiles conducts different awareness campaigns in different areas of Pakistan to bring about an awakening in the minds of people regarding the causes and symptoms of HCV and to highlight the effects of HCV on the liver and human body and to provide basic knowledge to the people about HCV. We have conducted 25 awareness campaigns so far in different cities of Pakistan and reach to over 11,220 people.

Free Medical Camps

We conduct free medical camps in different areas to provide free medicine for general diseases. We have conducted 18 free medical camps so far in different areas of Pakistan and free consultation and free medicine have been provided to 11,220 patients.

No of Patients City Wise
Islamabad Rawalpindi Lahore Bhakkar Murree Chakwal Total
1270 1650 500 6700 600 500 11,220

 Hepatitis Screening Camps

We conduct free hepatitis screening camps and screen people for HCV virus using HCV rapid test technique. We have conducted 18 free screening medical camps so far in different areas. Around 85% of the patients were unaware about their disease. Below are the details.

No of Patients Screened No of HCV Patients No of Patients being treated No of Patients to be treated
2200 598 88 510

 Hepatitis Testing

We conducts free confirmatory tests for poor patients infected with HCV virus using updated equipment installed at our partner labs. Quantitative PCR and LFT tests for viral hepatitis are being conducted free of cost for poor patients.



Free HCV Treatment

We provide free treatment to HCV patients Per patient cost of treatment of HCV patient is Rs.50,000 for 6 months treatment but we are trying to provide free treatment to poor patients as maximum as we can while facilitate others patients to get their testing  and treatment done at a minimum cost of Rs. 12,000.

PCR Quantitative Genotype Medicine Total Cost PKR (Per Patient)
1,500 1,500 9000 12,000

Medicine Bank

The Medicine Bank of Lifesmiles is providing free medicines to the poor patients. These medicines include treatment for general diseases the cost of which cannot be bear by the poor class of our society. Therefore by the generous donation of the kind hearted people, it has become possible to treat the poor ailing humanity suffering from HCV and other general diseases.



Details of Medical Camps

We have conducted 18 free medical camps so far, below are the area wise details.

Date Area City Free Consultation-Genral Deseases Total Patients Screened for HCV HCV Positive Patients
16-Mar-16 Barah koh Islamabad 200 50 6
27-Mar-16 Zaia Musjid Islamabad 500 200 46
14, 15 May 2016 Darya Khan Bhakkar 1600 160 30
13-Aug-16 Mahra Abadi Islamabad 270 70 15
5-Jan-16 Muree Murree 300 109 8
1-Oct-16 Tala gang Chakwal 500 105 4
12,13 Nov 2016 Lundi Nasheb Bhakkar 1500 175 63
18-Dec-16 Muree Murree 300 25 2
1-Aug-17 Dar ul Falah Rawalpindi 150 30 6
15-Jan-17 Peer Wadhai Rawalpindi 100 22
11, 12 Feb 2017 Darya Khan Bhakkar 2000 150 41
3-Dec-17 Shakrial Rawalpindi 700 150 32
18,19 Mar 2017 Phool Nagar Lahore 500 290 170
08,09 Apr 2017 Darya Khan Bhakkar 1600 200 40
23-04-2017 Dhok Mangtal Rawalpindi 800 160 70
5-May-17 G7/2 Islamabad 300 71 13
13-May-17 Tarlai-Rawal Hospital Islamabad 80 23
21-May-17 Dhok Mangtal Rawalpindi 75 7
Total 11220 2200 598